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  • product image
  • product image
  • BrandEuroBake
  • Width600mm
  • Height1200mm
  • Voltage240v
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New Zealand  Available for purchase in New Zealand

Description :
Pies, Sausage and Vegetable Rolls, Strudels and Turnovers with either hot (up to 100 degrees Celsius) or cold (ambient) fillings are the common uses for this versatile machine. The Vari-Filler isn’t limited. There are many other applications where it is being used due to its unique design characteristics.

Fills such as juices, sauces, creamy syrups (eg. profiteroles), whipped potato and other similar type fills, fondants and other hot products, jams and fruit/herb crushes, non-aerated type cake and batters, icing, sauces, pasta type fillings (hot gravy minces, cheese sauces, etc. for lasagne and the like), chunky meat and vegetable fills (hard pieces up to 8mm and soft up to 12mm), some diced fruits (pieces up to 10mm cubed), and shredded vegetables.

Special options can also be incorporated to prevent drip/run-on and to deposit minute portions down to as small as a 20 gram serve (subject to fill materials used), for Airline foods and the like. The Vari-Filler has the capacity to be used for large quantity deposits, such as 5 and 10kg bags of product.
Vari-Filler Images