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Pastry Lines
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Pastry Lines
  • BrandRinc Europe
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Description :
Rinc is a family business and wishes to work that way. Not just internally, but externally, too: with her clients and within the trade. The natural flexibility of the organisation, the short lines, the solidarity and passion for the trade deliver added value for everyone involved, both commercially and personally. “To be healthy in life, to be able to contribute, to become successful based on sincere commitment, to be able to offer a healthy future. To be of service to clients, employees and the trade, generation after generation: for us, that is the most beautiful thing there is.”
Philosophy: Rinc is focused on sustainability and continuity. Together we work on innovation and development, in favor of the result: that is what Rinc stands for.
History: Rinc produces technically advanced machines. A family business, emerged from the company founded in 1963 by a pioneer in the trade: Cornelis Rijkaart.
Rinc has traditionally focused on customisation for every situation. The experience, which has been transmitted from generation to generation, has provided us with an incredible wealth of knowledge, and several excellent innovations
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