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P12 Pasta Machine
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P12 Pasta Machine
  • BrandLa Monferrina
  • ModelP12
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New Zealand  Available for purchase in New Zealand

Description :
The P12 is a fully automatic, extremely reliable and efficient machine used to knead all types of flour and durum wheat. It is capable of producing up to 35kg of pasta per hour and is especially recommended for producing short and long pasta shapes which can be obtained by simply changing the extruding die.

This machine is very flexible and most suitable for small restaurants, pizzerias and delicatessens.
The external structure is made from anodised aluminium and all parts that come in contact with the pasta are made of stainless steel. It is also fitted with a variable speed automatic pasta cutter.

Optional additions to this machine include an extrusion head and the Ravioli and Gnocchi units. With cleaning and maintenance in mind, this machine has been designed with an easily dismantled stainless steel shaft.

Both PTFE and Bronze dies are available for this machine - PTFE for smooth pasta and Bronze for a more rustic rough pasta.
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