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Double Rack Gas Oven
  • product image
Double Rack Gas Oven
  • BrandSveba Dahlen
  • ModelV-42
  • Width2165mm
  • Depth1700mm
  • Height2425mm
  • Voltage400v
  • Power3 Phase
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New Zealand  Available for purchase in New Zealand

Description :
Designed to meet the requirements of large volume baking, this oven incorporates Sveba Dahlen’s patented IBS rack rotation system. It is designed in accordance with the counter flow principle to improve the quality and economy of your bake.

IBS (Increased Baking Surface) is the Sveba-Dahlen patented system for alternating rotation of the rack. This means that all sides of the product are exposed to the same amount of heat resulting in a faster, more even and economical baking.

The counter-flow principle
The heat exchange in this gas fuelled oven is in accordance with the counter-flow principle. This means that the oven air passing through the heat exchanger first meets the flue gas channels at their lowest temperature and is then progressively heated as it meets increasingly hot channels before returning to the oven. This gives effective heat exchange, a high degree of efficiency in oven heating and reduced heating costs.

All Sveba Dahlen ovens are fitted with an E-Panel for managing the oven.
The E-Panel can store up to 20 recipes with up to 99 different baking instructions in its memory and includes advanced features such as steam pulsate and cake switch as standard. The E-Panel can also be used for manual control of the oven.
Double Rack Gas Oven Images