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Bread Bagger
  • product image
Bread Bagger
  • BrandUnited Bakery Equipment
  • Model75-1
  • Width2600mm
  • Depth3300mm
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Australia  Available for purchase in Australia
New Zealand  Available for purchase in New Zealand

Description :
• Up to 75 loaves per minute
• Tubular stainless steel frame and aluminium guards
• Drive system with stronger gear box for high speed production
• Cams designed for high speed, CNC machined and hardened
• Long life high torque pneumatic clutch/brake
• Redesigned scoop slide allows higher speed with new bearing material
• Slide shaft with 72 Rockwell C hardness and 8 RMS finish
• Dual bag magazine with top mounted bag inflator jet
• Independent overload clutches on infeed, outfeed and slicer drives
• Solid state control circuit with proximities for cams and door safeties
• Automatic bag changer with programmable controller
• Digital speed indicator

• Automatically synchronized speed control between multiple machines
• Extended discharge conveyor or special length infeed
• CE Approval, guards and coded magnetic door switches
• UL Approval
• CSA Approval
• Available in metric construction where possible
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